Painting by Heart

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Can I request a custom order?

Answer:  Yes!  We can discuss it when you send me an email and request it at

Question:  Do you have 2 web sites?  

Answer:  Yes, I do.  Right now, you are on my original art site and in the navigation buttons on the top and bottom of each page you will see Painting by Heart Prints.  I have had the printing web site a long time and they do incredible prints with my art!  I wanted to give my customers access to both web sites.

Question:  about shipping. How long does shipping take? Who is shipping?  What carrier do you use?

Answer:  Shipping for the original art, that I personally ship, takes apx 10 days or less.  That gives me time to properly pack it and free shipping is the slow boat.  I use the post office or UPS.   My second web site for printing my art, they do the shipping!  You will have choices there and I have ordered from them, and it took apx 10 days also. For either web site, It's worth the wait!!